Friday, 12 April 2013

Anna Comerford

I am highly influenced by everything around me and view the world with a creative eye. From nature to history, architecture to landscapes I find beauty in detail which I want to explore. I love to draw and express my ideas and visions through a wide range of media. My studies are very intricate and observed which allow me to capture the finest details through mark making. The latest fashion trends and high end designers’ pieces feed my inspirations and my mind naturally goes wild in exploring the endless possibilities for interesting concepts and ideas. I love to recreate the original qualities of my drawings onto fabric by using techniques such as digital print, screen print, appliqué and embroidery. To me, embroidery is just like another form of drawing; it allows me to add exciting colours, textures and dimension to a design in the observant, detailed style in which I love to work.

is based on the theme ‘Bejewelled Baroque’. It was inspired by the idea of making the Baroque style modern and taking inspiration from the more traditional and mixing it with a modern twist through colour, texture and overall composition.
The concept behind my theme was ‘Time’ and I wanted my work to convey a modern Baroque style with an edge. I began researching into cogs and mechanisms in clocks and found the detail and structure really interesting and beautiful. I wanted to combine the decorative, filigree detailing from old Baroque furniture and objects with the mechanised structure of a clock to create a quirky contrast in movement and texture and communicate the story of moving the Baroque style forward through time. I like the contrast in mixing something old with something new; it makes an idea much more exciting to work with when gathering research and completing drawings, which all feeds into the final outcomes.

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Achievements and Work Experience: Sold a fashion fabric design at Indigo/Premiere Vision 2012 & Completed a two week work placement at Punky Pins which lead to paid employment over 4 months during the busy Christmas period.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Stacey Galliford

I am currently studying at Cleveland College of Art & Design undertaking a BA(Hons)Textiles & Surface Design degree. My work is a cross between interiors and gift; I love to create exciting cushions designs and gift related products. The media’s I use within my work are fineliners, watercolours and different styles of pencils; this comes from my love of illustration. For my FMP I am producing a collection of digitally printed and screen printed cushions with hints of embroidery. My theme has dramatically evolved since beginning FMP, my first initial idea being Native America. I took the idea of Native America and how it is hidden away from society and brought it into modern times. I am currently working on a collection that looks at ‘Hidden Teesside’, looking at old forgotten buildings and playing around with the textures.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Abbie Russell

I am currently studying at my final year of a BA (Hons) Textiles and Surface Design degree. I am a surface designer and my specialist area is gift design, I could spend hours in a shop searching through cards, wraps and tags.
My work is all about colour, I feel colour is my strength. I love using bright and vibrant colours in my work and I feel this is how I define myself and my work. My colour palette tends to include oranges, yellows, blues, greens, purples and reds. I have a quirky drawing style which I feel links in well with the colour schemes which I tend to use and adds a unique touch to my work. As my colour palette is so bright and my drawing has a naïve touch to it they link well as the colours bring out the unusual characteristics of my drawings. Although my drawings may not always represent the item, person or animal I am drawing in a realistic way but I feel this is my take on how they look. As I am nearing the end of my university course I am focusing on developing my style and working very hard to develop my products.

My Final Major Project is all about ‘Crowd’ I have chosen to look at this in a very abstract way meaning I have looked at shapes and objects rather than crowds of people, my colour palette is very bright which links in well with my trend. Although I tend to specialise in gift design for wraps, cards and tags I have decided to do something a bit out of my comfort zone and make a rug! My rug is going to be made with wools and will portray my final design. I am also making cushion designs and packaging to go with my rug to show how it can be used in a room setting.

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