Monday 25 February 2013

Claudette Cooling


One of the most important things about design is a good aesthetic, as a fashion fabrics designer specialising in embroidery, I aim to encompass texture, mood and style within my work. A style distinctive yet incredibly detailed. I search for the balance between textural detailing and graphic innovation. My definitive style and approach to design makes my work sensitive yet tactile, experimental yet dynamic. I see design as an opportunity to express the feelings and emotions of a trend, thought, feeling or idea. My versatile design skills enable me to create both striking graphic geometrics as well as subtle earth ground vintage. I have a passion for the tactile process of embroidery and look to this to further innovative textile design. My background in textile design both two and three dimensional, allows me to visualise and look beyond the print or pattern and imagine. Collage plays a huge feature within my work, from conception to delivery I’m inspired by mixing the opposite. Hand drawn imagery and photo captures are both features of my work, mixing the hand rendered and digital aspects of design to create the very best in innovative fashion fabrics.

The textural qualities of natural gemstones such as amethyst, onyx and jade mashed with the clean cut lines and decorative aspects of architecture are the starting point for my final major project. The fusion of sleek, clean cut buildings meets the organic in depth nature of natural crystals and stones. The glimmering, glistening and encrusted nature of gemstones and crystals combined with close up architectural studies which could almost look quite geometric, I feel is an interesting place to start from and allows a lot of room for experimentation. The clean cut perfection of modern architecture and the intricate detailing of traditional architecture is what initially drew me in to wanting to explore these qualities further, I’ve always been fascinated by architecture and have always wanted to explore it in detail and I felt this was the time to research and design with no constraints. The extra dimension of natural stones and crystals is also something I’ve always been interested in, I think because of the unbelievable amount of texture and depth to each crystal and the way that no two could ever be the same is what I find fascinating about them. The qualities of both sides of my theme overlap extensively; the clean cut yet textural qualities lie in natural crystals, architecture and my style of work. I work in quite a clean, detailed, organised manner and this I think is why I was drawn to exploring both sides of my theme, trying to define my style as a designer in a very definitive way. Deep, rich, iridescent tones will be used to try and achieve the layering of colour found in gemstones and natural stone, possibly being complimented by shiny, glittering encrusted elements enabling me to create some innovative, individual and exciting fashion fabric designs.

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