Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sacha Rowe

With a focus on embroidery and embellishment my work combines hand rendered traditional techniques with loose contemporary work, breathing new life to the old fashioned. Dusty tones and dark hues continually impose themselves in my colour palettes. Textural and abstract pieces combined with intricate details create diverse imagery. I am concept driven, portraying deeper meanings and researched ideas within encrusted fabrics. I want to share my thoughts and bring beauty to the world, adorning women with exquisite embroidery. After all what is fashion but wearable art?
My final major project is based on a concept derived from a fraction of dialogue from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, wanting to explore the suppression of Ophelia. This evokes beautiful imagery to reflect Ophelia from the erotic nature of flowers and the female form, to lily filled ponds presented before decadent architecture. To contrast this and display the darker side that looms over Ophelia I will explore decay, tentacles, fungi, eroded rocks and naturally encrusted surfaces. With intentions to translate this to embroidery, on sheer fabrics and Victorian bloomers, and tights.

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