Thursday, 28 February 2013

Sarah Griffin

I am currently studying BA (Hons) Textiles and surface design and I am due to graduate in June 2013. The area in which I specialise is fashion. My main inspirations come from botanicals, floral, foliage and all of the natural surroundings. I enjoy using a diverse but muted colour pallet combined with dark and rich tones which complement each other. My final outcomes are usually digitally printed onto fabric and worked into with a number of various techniques including embroidery. I love to style my work through the use of photography I often arrange objects in an imaginative way and photograph them; I use the photos within the drawing process or for my mood boards. I have exhibited my work at Indigo trade show in Paris and also Printsource in New York. I am a hardworking, committed, self-motivated and organised individual with the ability to work independently and confidently. 
·       What is the world we live in? I am always asking myself questions about life, how did we get here? Is there such a thing as god? What happens to us after we have lived? Do we shine bright amongst the other stars in the galaxy? What are stars? Wishes, dreams, particles, dust or even new life? Does a star fall from the sky and plant a seed which grows into a gorgeous crystal? Why do nearly all of us think about money, diamonds, crystals and treasures when the thing that is the most precious to all of us is growth and life itself?
·       My project will focus on the contrast between what we believe to be precious and what is precious, growth and greed. It will focus on the forgotten sentiment of life being overrun by materialistic possession. I aim to combine two themes together for this project one is based on jewels and crystals the other is based on space and botanic.
·       The colour pallet is fairly diverse and includes colours such as sienna, terracotta, purple, blue, pink, yellow, grey, green and soft metallic.
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