Monday, 25 February 2013

Laura Moscrop

My work is very illustrative and centres around naïve, quirky drawings and has a loose, childlike quality it. I like my work to have a handmade element so I frequently bring in parts of screen print and stitch.
The inspirations for my work mainly come from people’s everyday behaviours and the objects around us.
My work varies from project to project and I try to stay open to change by not restricting myself in designing for one particular specialism.

The theme of my final major project is based around the film Amélie. The film is about a girl named Amélie, who lives her life in a dream like world, imagining a life filled with love and kindness. After discovering a hidden box filled with childhood memories she finds and returns it to the rightful owner and promises to herself to carry on bringing happiness to others.
One of the most interesting parts to the film are the constant obsessions that run throughout. All of the characters have obsessions of their own and simple everyday things that make them happy.
My observation from this is that the characters start to become defined by their own little quirks and obsessions which is concept that I will be taking forward into my work. I will begin looking into how people would define themselves if they had to do it purely by object or the simple pleasures that they find in life and develop my project from there.

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