Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Rosie Casson


As an aspiring textile designer maker, I focus on detailed hand and machine embroidery, including small elements of screenprint to give my work some more texture. I specialise in fashion accessories which include bags, purses, badges and brooches. Within my Final Major Project I have decided to look at an area of nature I am very passionate about which is insects. I want to show the beauty of so called 'creepy crawlies', and show how diverse and amazing the insect world can be! Using inks, watercolours and pencils i am going to show the insect world through my own eyes. To make it different, I am also looking at textures and surfaces of nature, for example bark, leaves, veins, moss etc, and i want to include this in my design work to merge the two elements together to create a contrast between detailed pieces and abstract grounds. To keep up to date with my work and what i'm up to, please take a look at my Blog!


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